I founded Dive N Ride Adventures ┬áin 2009 out of a desire to mix scuba diving and motorcycle riding in a new and adventurous way. I’m both a motorcycle rider and scuba diver who has worked in both industries. And I like to travel. In order to travel with fun and safety, you need quality products. I provide those products both for motorcycling and scuba diving. What I’ve been discovering in the past few years is that there are a lot of other people like me, but there isn’t one retail and travel company that provides a “One Stop Shop”. That’s my goal!

If you are going to be paying a significant amount of money to go on vacation, you should really take the time to see the place you choose from multiple angles and go with a trip leader who is a veteran of adventurous travel. That’s me! If you take a trip and just sightsee using one mode, you miss out on a lot that the locale has to offer. That’s where the combination of scuba diving and motorcycle touring takes your vacation to the next level. I can be your source for information and consultation to help plan the most fascinating scuba diving and motorcycling adventures possible in the world! I have been working to build all of the connections and I’m already able to help with travel reservations for some of the leading scuba diving providers in the world. Now I’m starting to amass the motorcycle touring providers that are tops in their class.

And I’ve been building a client following so that we’ll find those kindred spirits who can handle adventure without breaking a sweat. It takes time. I’ve been going to motorcycle rallies and scuba shows and talking up my plan. When we reach critical mass, which I’m hoping will be in 2016, we will start escorting trips that no one else can provide. Watch this space!!!

Enabling Motorcycling and Scuba Adventures…