DiveNRide Adventures owner, Lisa Malachowsky
DiveNRide Adventures owner, Lisa Malachowsky

I’m an avid motorcyclist who started riding on a Honda 50 at age 12. My parents offered me a mini-bike or a horse for my birthday and I couldn’t see shoveling horse manure every morning so I went the iron horse route. I’ve never regretted that decision! And I’ve also been scuba diving since 1986! I have over 1000 logged dives and am certified as a PADI Assistant Instructor.

I started my career in the computer industry and tolerated about 20 years in large companies but I always felt like I should own my own business. I was continuing my riding and diving during that time, but they were just hobbies. It was quite easy to do both while living in California. I had also worked as a weekend divemaster with a scuba shop but knew that I didn’t just want to train new divers all the time. Then my BMW dealer in San Jose, CA offered me a position I couldn’t resist as the manager in charge of Parts and Service. From there I went on to become General Manager after a year. At that point, I had been emersed in small business and I liked it. But I didn’t want a motorcycle dealership. I bought a franchise in another sector of consumer services. Unfortunately, my timing was bad: I spent lots of money opening a business that no one could justify using when the economy tanked. So I dusted myself off, picked myself up and found another job at a new motorcycle dealership in Livermore, CA that was just opening. Why not learn more on someone else’s dime? I helped launch the store and worked through the first year plus of that business. Then the economy forced that business to tighten its belt and I was sent packing.

It was now time for me to find my own way. I decided that my love of motorcycles would not be forgotten and I hooked up with several of my vendors to become an independent representative. I plugged along for a while with that until my partner and I had an opportunity to move to Phoenix, Arizona. There, I wholeheartedly put my energy into running DIVE N RIDE ADVENTURES: a small business with big ideas to help sport touring motorcyclists and adventurous scuba divers take their passions to the next level. I wanted to combine my hobby loves and I was soon to find out there were many other scuba divers who rode motorcycles as well as many other motorcyclists who scuba dive! Wow I think I’m on to something here!

Today, DIVE N RIDE ADVENTURES is focusing on providing products directly to motorcycle riders to enable them to have well-appointed sport touring machines. I sell and install marquee products that enhance the communications of the touring rider. I partner with companies such as Autocom, AdaptivTech, RAM-Mounts, GIVI luggage, Powerlet, and 3BRP Products. I also make custom ear plugs and hearing products for motorcyclists that work with any stereo device or the Autocom. Through these opportunities, I meet the folks who are interested in both diving and riding on adventure vacations and I get them jazzed about my ultimate goal of this touring company.

Enabling Motorcycling and Scuba Adventures…