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Frequently Asked Questions

Why travel with Dive N Ride?

If you are an LGBTQ person who scuba dives or rides motorcycles, you can be sure we understand you. We’ve vetted places and vacation providers who understand us and help us feel safe. Additionally, we try all of the providers we use so we can ensure the quality in the services they provide.

What if I don’t like group travel?

No worries. We also help individual travelers. We have access to many of the world’s best properties and destinations.

What about travel insurance?

We recommend that you have travel insurance. And we can help you get it. We strongly recommend that you have travel insurance to protect yourself from unforeseen interruptions or losses. We are a registered retailer of travel insurance. Contact us to find the right coverage for your trip.

What about passports and documents?

You will need a passport. And possibly other documents as well. With each trip we will detail exactly what documents you will need. Whenever possible, we will provide a detailed itinerary that includes as much information as we would want ourselves.

What about vaccinations?

We will help you figure out if you need vaccinations. Each destination could be different and we’ll detail that for you in the process of helping you get ready to go.

What if I get sick?

Getting sick is no fun. This is one of the risks where travel insurance helps protect you. We recommend it and we sell it.

What do I need to bring on a scuba diving trip?

For your comfort, you will want to have all of your own scuba gear. You will rent tanks and weights. All other gear will be detailed in the information provided to include what wet or dry suit you will need based upon the water temperature.

What do I need to bring on a motorcycle trip?

We are proponents of ATGATT (All the Gear; All the Time). We will detail what that means for each trip as some destinations might have additional requirements. And we’ll help you figure out how to best plan for the weather.

What if my gear breaks?

Most scuba destinations and boats have some extra gear. But we recommend you bring spares, especially if we are going to very remote places where you can’t walk down the street to a dive shop.

Most motorcycle trips will go to places where you’ll be getting off the beaten path. You want to be prepared for the eventuality that something might break. Bring spares of the things you must have to ride that might break. We try to have a support vehicle available on the motorcycle tours. The van is typically able to help with minor mechanical problems, however, it isn’t able carry extra motorcycle gear.

Can I bring a partner who doesn’t dive?

Yes. Most of the trips we offer will be comfortable for non-divers. This will be especially true if they are the kinds of people who are happy sitting and relaxing with a good book or video.

Can you help me learn to dive?

Yes, we can. You will need your scuba certification before you are able to join one of our dive trips. We don’t provide training but we can likely refer you to other professionals we trust.

Can I bring a partner who doesn’t ride?

It depends. We will be accompanied on most trips by a support vehicle. But depending on the destination, that vehicle may not be able to have a passenger and take all of our luggage (and possibly a spare bike). This will be detailed for each trip when available.

Can you help me learn to ride?

Yes, we can. You will need a motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s license if you want to operate a bike on one of our trips. You’ll also need some riding experience. We’ll be happy to refer you to trusted professionals who can help you learn to ride.

What if the weather turns bad?

Keep smiling. If we’re riding, you’ll need to be prepared for rain. If it rains on a dive trip, we’ll still go. If there are travel advisories, it will be very dependent upon the exact situation. This is one of the biggest benefits of traveling with us. We’ll work hard for the best possible outcome, even when things unexpectedly get less-than-perfect.

Can you help me with travel that isn’t about diving or riding?

Yes, we can. We call that FIT: Free, Independent Travel. We can research and create awesome experiences for you. We will need to charge a fee that reflects the value of our time and expertise.