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Our Services

Dive N Ride Adventures offers travel services for people who are members or allies of the LGBTQ community.

Small group adventures

We love creating and offering fantastic adventures for small groups of travelers. We put together dive trips and motorcycle tours for people who want something other than the same old, same old, blah, blah, blah, just-like-all-the-other trips.

We partner with motorcycle tour operators, diving resorts, and scuba liveaboards who have demonstrated respect for and understanding of our LGBTQ community. And of course they are also expert at delivering top-quality experiences for seasoned adventurers who want more than the next available offering from the hotel brochure rack.

We find reefs and wrecks, roads and villages, that you probably haven’t heard of. And if you have, you’ve probably wondered “How the heck could I get there?”

We’ll take you.

Bespoke individual adventures

Group travel isn’t for everyone. Exploring alone often pushes us just a bit further outside our comfort zone. When we travel by ourselves we often spend more time interacting with local people, lingering in little shops off the main streets, finding unexpected gems around corners we didn’t know existed.

Individual travel generally offers more opportunities for spontaneity, a bit more freedom, than traveling with an organized group.

And it can be a lot more work. With more concerns about making the right decisions. More fear of missing out on something you didn’t know was possible.

Using the services of a professional travel advisor, like Dive N Ride Adventures, can combine the best things about group and individual travel to create incredible experiences tailored to fit you, perfectly.

Tell us where you are thinking about going. We can put together the perfect trip, just for you.

Travel insurance

We strongly recommend travel insurance. We work with several insurance providers and we’ll suggest the best alternatives, using our experience, for the trip you’re going on.

When you are traveling to another continent, for an epic adventure you’ve been dreaming of for years, and planning for months, having travel insurance means you can relax. If something goes wrong, it won’t be the end of the world. You won’t lose thousands of dollars.

That’s why we recommend you have travel insurance when you travel with us. And we can help you get it.