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Our Values

    What we stand for


    We fully believe in respect for the individual. No matter where you are on the LGBTQ+ spectrum or if you are an ally, we honor you as a person. We will do everything we can to use the pronouns you feel most comfortable with that represent your true self. We will also do everything we can to ensure our vendors understand who we are when we travel. It is important to us to know that you will feel honored on one of our trips.


    We do our work with complete integrity. We will practice full disclosure and provide details of everything involved in the trips we create for you. As much as within our capability legally and ethically, we will tell you the good and bad about any place we visit or choose not to visit. We will also do everything we can to ensure that our vendors clearly represent their products and services.


    We consider ourselves stewards of the world. For scuba diving, we will actively work to make the oceans a better place for future generations by participating in conservation activities and practicing green diving techniques. For motorcycling, we anticipate being early adopters of electric touring motorcycles, and we hope to be involved in ensuring that we make no footprints in the places we visit.

    Stewardship is also an emotional concept for us. Our trips will be nurturing for people in the LGBTQ community and not place additional stress on them. We want travel to enrich your soul and we hope to create an environment where that can happen.


    We hold your safety as one of our highest values. We practice safe riding by applying the principles of ATGATT. Safe diving means that we use the buddy system and dive within safe limits using dive computers at all times.