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How Well Does Your Travel Agent Understand Motorcycling?

How Well Does Your Travel Agent Understand Motorcycling?

A little? A lot? Not at all? How well your travel professional understands motorcycle touring can directly affect the success of the trip they help plan for you.

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Does your travel agent ride?

Choosing to work with a travel professional who is also a motorcyclist will go a long, long way toward having an enjoyable trip.

Imagine how frustrating it would be explaining to a travel advisor who doesn’t ride why you really do want to take the long, twisty backroads instead of the fast, convenient motorways. How stopping at a toll booth when on a bike can be such a huge hassle. And how finding just the right balance of planning and flexibility is so much more important on a motorcycle trip.

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Does your travel advisor know what bike you want to ride?

Unless you are staying in North America your travel professional is almost certainly going to need to arrange your motorcycle rental. When you say that your bike here at home is a BMW R 1250 GS, or a Harley Road Glide, and that you would like to ride something comparable in the Pyrenees, you’ll feel a lot more confident if the response is a knowing smile and an enthusiastic nod. A blank stare will mean that you’ll have to do a lot more work and pay a lot more attention to make sure that you don’t end up on a bike that you just won’t enjoy riding.

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Does your travel agent know how you like to ride?

Are you looking for a leisurely cruise on quiet backroads with plenty of scenery? Or do you want to ride the most technically challenging roads you can find? Do you want to get off the pavement? Does that mean fast gravel highways or rocky two-track?

Will you be riding two-up? Will your partner want to take some turns from the front seat?

The kind of riding you want to do will shape every aspect of your travel plans. It will affect when and where you go and what routes you take to get there. That will in turn affect your choices of where to stay and to eat, and what sights you can see along the way.

When the person helping you plan your travels really understands your riding style you’ll be so much closer to actually experiencing the trip you envision.

Does your travel advisor understand how you like to travel?

What’s your travel style? Does your travel professional really understand how you like to travel?

If you ask a travel advisor to help you plan and book a “motorcycle trip,” what will they deliver?

They might assume that since you asked for a motorcycle trip that the motorcycling is all you care about. That as long as the food is decent and the beds are comfortable, you’ll be a happy traveler.

That might be true for a small minority of folks, but if you are budgeting the time and money for motorcycling in a country halfway around the world, you’ll probably want to see and do some things that have nothing to do with riding.

Maybe you want to explore museums or art galleries or cathedrals. Or take a deep dive into the food and wine of the region.

Think about how much of your travel-time budget you want to devote to those sorts of explorations in proportion to the time you want to spend on the bike. And make sure your travel advisor really understands how you want to travel.

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Just ask “Do you ride?”

It’s perfectly okay just to ask your travel advisor “Do you ride motorcycles?” If they don’t ride, they’ll say so.

If they do ride, you’ll have lots to talk about. Like what bike they usually ride, how they like to ride, and how they like to plan a motorcycle tour. And that conversation will help them understand what sort of trip you want them to help plan for you.

And if you would like us to help plan your motorcycle travels, just get in touch.







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