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June 2024 Newsletter

Volume 2 Issue 3

It’s the end of June already. Where did the time go? Oh yeah. I was traveling like a good travel consultant is supposed to do!

I’ve been on a long scuba trip in Indonesia and have much to share, including expanded plans for next year! And I took an epic motorcycling trip in Ireland in May. There will be more on that as well.

I want to ask you: What’s on your bucket list? Where do you want to go next? I’ve been building out my group trip calendar one year ahead of time. Now would be a good time to tell me where you would like to go in 2025

individually or in 2026 with a group. I’d love to work with you on your own trip or schedule a group that you suggest for 2026. The 2025 group trips are booked on our Dive N Ride business calendar. But you can still let me know where you would like to go by emailing me at before all my chosen destinations occupy the dates. I’m open to suggestions and will attend DEMA (the Dive Equipment and Marketing Association Convention) in November. DEMA is where I meet with the scuba industry providers and get new ideas for group trips.

And I’ve also got a few things to share about products and new affiliations.

So stay tuned and read on!


2024 in Indonesia!

We had a fantastic adventure in Indonesia during most of April. My wife Bev and I spent 31 days there, so we had to extend our EVOA (electronic tourist Visa for Indonesia) since it is only valid for 30 days! At least now it is easy and online!

We started the trip at Villa Markisa in Bali. We dove for six days with our clients and experienced the best of Tulamben muck diving and the famous Liberty Wreck.

Then, off to Labuan Bajo, we boarded the Adelaar, our liveaboard home for the next ten days from April 8 to 18. The itinerary was a special one that I created to retrace my steps from my first Indonesian dive trip: exploring the sea south of Sulawesi in and around Selayar. The weather goddess had other plans for us. Still, the Adelaar team turned lemons into lemonade for us all, and we got to experience some seldom-dived sites in southern Komodo before steaming north to Selayar. This trip brought underwater sites to my clients that ranked very high for all, with extremes of what we saw. One day, we saw both Whale Sharks and Pygmy Seahorses! And the sites around Selayar did not disappoint. Reto, Adelaar’s cruise director, said he felt some of the walls we visited were “world-class.” I was grateful that I could show these places to my clients. Very few divers get to go where we went!

Once we were done with the boat trip, we returned to Bali, where my clients flew home. However, Bev and I would continue to Siladen, one of our favorite resorts. We got halfway, but then Mount Ruang had other plans for us. The volcano erupted, and all of the airports closed. These are the times you want to work with someone who knows what resources could be available at the last minute (ME!). I quickly worked with the folks at Villa Markisa and booked us into their last open room. We ended up spending another week diving in my favorite macro habitats. Siladen is now delayed until 2025, and we used our travel insurance to pay for the last-minute flight changes I had to make to accommodate our new plans.

Scuba Diving in Indonesia AGAIN in 2025!

Indonesia has been our favorite dive destination since 1997. As you can tell from above, we strive to find the unusual and go off the beaten path with our diving. For 2025, we have again chartered the Adelaar and will follow a unique itinerary, then visit a few boutique resorts. Here’s the general plan; these offerings can be done individually or combined.

April 18-18: Adelaar full boat charter with a unique itinerary leaving from Alor, transiting through, and diving in Wakatobi. This trip ends in Bau Bau. Three of the four cabins are available.
May 1-10: Adelaar trip from Bau Bau to Maumere doing their Cousteau’s Nirvana itinerary
May 11-21: Villa Markisa and muck diving on the NE coast of Tulamben. Three villas are reserved, and more may be available.
May 22-31: TBD touring on land in Bali
June 1-11: Bunaken Marine Park diving at Siladen Resort and Spa: This high-end dedicated diving resort is run by folks I love and has dive sites that will knock your socks off.

For pricing and availability, please get in touch with me via

Spydering in Ireland!

I just returned from taking eight women on our inaugural Spyder tour in Ireland. We partnered with Celtic Rider for this motorcycle tour, and all riders chose to use the Can-Am Spyder for their bikes. It was also Celtic Rider’s first tour with this many Spyders, which turned many heads around the country! Nine Spyders were navigating the roads in a group, all piloted by women! It was quite a sight.

It was so much fun that we’re going again in 2025 and adding more days in Scotland if you want to experience both countries. BMWs and Can-Am Spyders are available. You don’t have to be a Spyder lover to join us.

I’ll soon be writing a blog about the 2024 trip. Please watch for that.

In the meantime, if you are interested in the 2025 trip, here are the basics:
July 13-26: riding the Wild Atlantic way
then we transit over to Scotland via ferry with the motorcycles
July 27-August 2: riding in Scotland, then back to Ireland to return the bikes.
Details about the itinerary are available upon request. Pricing depends on the type of bike you choose to rent. For any of this information, please get in touch with me directly at

route of a motorcycle tour in South Africa, from Cape Town to Johannesburg

Want to ride in South Africa?

Join us August 29–September 9, 2025, for an extraordinary guided motorcycle group ride in South Africa! We still have room, but spots are going fast!

We’ll visit five national and provincial parks, a cheetah sanctuary, and an ostrich farm. We’ll also visit the beautiful—and justifiably famous—Garden Route and the spectacular and historic Chapman’s Drive and see Cape Agulhas, the southernmost point of Africa.

As if that were not enough, this trip is extra special. It’s in Collaboration with Black Girls Ride, an all-inclusive community for and about Black women motorcyclists, founded by our good friend Porsche Taylor. You don’t have to be a Black woman to ride with Black Girls Ride. You just have to be your awesome self!

Lastly, we have an optional add-on to visit Kruger National Park and experience animal safaris, complete with lots of picture-taking!

Read more about Motorcycling South Africa in 2025 …

Amazon Associates!

Since I shop online a lot and use products that can be obtained on Amazon regularly, I decided to join their associates program. I’m working on several product reviews now, but I wanted to share several of my favorite travel items that I use on each trip:
Scrubba: a portable wash bag to use when washing items in your hotel room that can dry quickly
Travelpro Rolling Duffel: my favorite piece of luggage for scuba equipment or motorcycle gear!

Upcoming Trips

Indonesian Extended Diving Opportunities (April and May 2025)
Adelaar charter to Alor
Adelaar charter from Bau Bau to Maumere
Villa Markisa in Bali
Siladen (Bunaken National Marine Park)
Ireland/Scotland Motorcycling (July 2025)
Riding in South Africa (August and September 2025)

Contact us for more information about any of these trips. Don’t see a trip that works for you? We can create an individual trip just for you!

About Us

We are a small, boutique travel company specializing in scuba and motorcycle adventures for people who are members of or friendly to the LGBTQ community.

Dive N Ride Adventures is based in Phoenix, Arizona. We are proud members of the Greater Phoenix Equality Chamber of Commerce and the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association.


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