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Scuba Diving Trips

Dive with us!

Diving is an amazing way to explore the world. You probably already know that only about one percent of the population are scuba divers. And how fortunate we are to be able to share those rare experiences with others.

We work hard to put together incredible trips to some of the most interesting dive locations in the world. We work with some of the best dive operators around to offer experiences that you’ll still be talking about for years to come.

And of course everyone we work with is trusted to respect and embrace our LGBTQ community.

Where would you like to dive?

  • Scuba Diving Indonesia 2024

    Scuba Diving Indonesia 2024

    We’ve got an amazing adventure set up for those of you who want to travel to Indonesia for scuba diving. It will consist of three segments, and you’ll be able to do any or all of them if you don’t wait too long to tell us about your interest.

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  • Baja California Sur for LGBTQ Scuba Divers

    Baja California Sur for LGBTQ Scuba Divers

    Mexico, including all of Baja, is generally considered a relatively tolerant and accepting place for LGBTQ+ individuals, with legal protections against discrimination and hate crimes in place. Same-sex sexual activity has been legal in Mexico since 1871, and same-sex marriage is legal throughout the country. Currently, Equaldex gives this area an 84 on its Equality…

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  • Rescue the Seas

    Rescue the Seas

    Scuba divers are invasive visitors to the seas; there is no doubt about it. But, just as responsible people try to minimize our impacts on land, so should divers look at their time visiting the water as an opportunity to observe and protect. In my time diving, since the mid-1980s, I have seen the changes…

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  • Scuba Diving the Sea of Cortez

    Scuba Diving the Sea of Cortez

    Come to Baja California Sur December 1—10, 2023 for an amazing 10-day LGBTQ-friendly dive trip on the beautiful 90-foot liveaboard, Quino el Guardian. We’ll see the best of what the southern Sea of Cortez has to offer. We’ll explore sunken ships, swim with seal lions, look for orcas, and see more spectacular tropical fish than…

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  • Wanna Go Diving? Lisa’s Scuba Destination Bucket List

    Wanna Go Diving? Lisa’s Scuba Destination Bucket List

    When you’ve got the wanderlust to travel, and you’re a scuba diver, the world can be your oyster. I’ve been diving internationally since the early ‘90s and I still have a list of places that I wanna visit (or revisit!). My preference is to go on scuba trips using dedicated liveaboard scuba diving boats as…

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