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Baja California Sur for LGBTQ Scuba Divers

Baja California Sur for LGBTQ Scuba Divers

Why Mexico?

As we have been planning out which worldwide locations we want to pluck first off our scuba diving bucket list, Mexico always comes to the top. Baja California Sur, or the southern portion of the Baja Peninsula, is a popular destination for scuba divers due to its clear waters, diverse marine life, and unique underwater landscapes. Baja California Sur includes the popular tourist destinations of Cabo San Lucas, La Paz, and Loreto. These areas also tend to be more accepting and welcoming of diversity. Our upcoming trip will be a liveaboard, but you should know a little about the area surrounding where we will be traveling.

Is Mexico safe for LGBT travelers?

Mexico, including all of Baja, is generally considered a relatively tolerant and accepting place for LGBTQ+ individuals, with legal protections against discrimination and hate crimes in place. Same-sex sexual activity has been legal in Mexico since 1871, and same-sex marriage is legal throughout the country. Currently, Equaldex gives this area an 84 on its Equality Index. This is actually two points higher than the USA! However, like any destination, there may be pockets of intolerance or discrimination in certain areas or among certain individuals. This is why it’s essential to exercise caution and only travel with travel agents who keep their fingers on the pulse of the climate for people from our community.

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Diving in Baja California Sur

Baja California Sur is known for its world-class scuba diving sites, particularly around the Sea of Cortez, also called the Gulf of California. Some of the highlights include the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, home to the oldest coral reef system in the American Pacific, and Isla Espiritu Santo, which has a variety of dive sites with sea lions, whale sharks, and manta rays. Additionally, several shipwrecks, underwater canyons, and other unique formations make for exciting diving experiences. The area is also known for its clear, warm waters and abundant marine life, including various fish species, octopuses, and sea turtles.

As with any scuba diving activity, it’s important to take proper precautions and choose a reputable operator with experienced guides and well-maintained equipment. We’ve already done this for you by choosing to dive with Mexico Liveaboards. Our upcoming trip in December is a unique itinerary we’ve built with their staff. They are very welcoming to the LGBTQ+ community, and we will also have some “citizen science” activities available through our work with Repair The Sea. We know that you will have a great time!

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